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Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holder 

Trach tube stabilization can be more easily, securely and comfortably accomplished with the Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holder. Fastener tabs engage and disengage the trach plate quickly and easily without the aggravation of threading and knotting twill ties. The two-piece neckband incorporates a panel of stretch material which allows for cough reflex, accommodates edema and at the same time ensures a snug yet comfortable fit.


  • Increase patient comfort
  • Eliminates bothersome twill ties
  • Quickly and easily applied
  • Saves nursing time
  • One size fits all
  • Medicare/Medicaid reimbursable.

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Neckband, fits all. Sold in boxes of 10


Fits Neonate to Infant. Sold in boxes of 10

 Dale Endotracheal Tube Holder 

The Dale Endotracheal Tube Holder provides reliable stabilization of endotracheal tubes (from 5 to 10mm) following intubation. The adjustable neckband attaches directly to the ET tube VELCRO brand fasteners. Quick fastening, it is more comfortable and less irritating than adhesive tape and can be washed for repeated single-patient use. 


  • Helps prevent accidental extubation
  • Comfortable
  • Latex Free
  • Washable and reusable
  • Quickly and easily applied even while wearing gloves
  • Prevents skin irritation/tape free
  • Saves nursing time

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Neckband, fits most adults


Neckband, fits children and small adults

Dale Foley Catheter Holder 

Easy to put on and take off, the Dale Foley Catheter Holder features a patented locking device that securely anchors the catheter in place. It helps minimize patient tampering, facilitates catheter traction, encourages mobility, and can be moved from leg to leg with total ease. The legband is comfortable, too, thanks to a unique stretch material that distributes compression evenly around the thigh to avoid a tourniquet effect. The fastener engages the band at any point for a custom fit. Specify the Dale Foley Catheter Holder and you can put an end to the problems associated with adhesives, and reduce the potential for infection and trauma. 


  •  Encourages patient movement

  •  Prevents skin irritation by eliminating tape

  •  Reduces meatal irritation which can lead to urinary tract infection

  •  Saves nursing time

  •  Quickly and easily applied

  •  Comfortable to wear

  •  Ensures snug fit without slippage

  •  Washable, reusable, and sterilizable

  •  One size fits all patients

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Legband, fits all. Sold in boxes of 10


Waistband, fits all.

 Dale Abdominal Binders


The Dale Abdominal Binder was developed specifically and only for postoperative use. Its distinctive stretch panels and VELCRO brand fastener combine to make the Dale Binder the standard for postoperative abdominal support. The binder is made entirely from a unique stretch material that distributes compression more evenly around the abdomen. The VELCRO closure can be secured at any point along its circumference, for better patient fit. To encourage earlier ambulation in your patients, enhance their pulmonary function, and alleviate incisional pain, specify the Dale Abdominal Binder.


  •  Encourages post-op activity

  •  Continuously splints wound for coughing

  •  Facilitates diaphragmatic breathing

  •  Provides reassuring support

  •  Evenly distributes compression

  •   Infinitely adjustable for custom it

  •   Easily applied

  •    Will not ride up, roll, or slide

  •    Washable and reusable

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Size* up to 45 (114cm), 3 panel binder, 9 (23cm) wide


Size* 46-62 (117-178cm), 3 panel binder, 9 (23cm) wide


Size* 60-75 (172-215cm), 3 panel binder, 9 (23cm) wide


Size* up to 45 (114cm), 4 panel binder, 12 (30cm) wide


Size* 40-62 (117-178cm), 4 panel binder, 12 (30cm) wide


Size* 60-75 (172-215cm), 4 panel binder, 12 (30cm) wide

*Measure female hips, make waist. Sold individually, one (1) per box.

 Dale Rib Belt 

The Dale Rib Belt provides comfortable, controlled support to the rib cage following injury. Two panels joined with unique interlocking stitches conform independently to body contours for firm, evenly distributed pressure while allowing full mobility and breathing. Easy to apply and remove, the adjustable Velcro brand fastener attaches at any point on the surface of the belt for perfect fit. The female model has a soft rolled upper edge to prevent breast irritation. 


  • Comfortable, controlled compression
  • Simple to put on
  • Money-Saving
  • Latex-Free

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Female, 2 panel, 6 stretches to fit 28-52 contoured top


Male, 2 panel, 6 stretches to fit 28-52 Also used as small binder


Dale Drainage Bulb and G-Tube Holder


Helps to secure and contain Suction Reservoirs and Feeding Tubes. It eliminates the inconvenience and complications associated with adhesives, and holds the following:

  • 100cc Wound Drainage Bulbs

  •  Jejunostomy tubes

  •  Gastrostomy Tubes and PEG Tubes

  •  Balloon Replacement G-Tubes

  •  Foley Catheters used as G-Tubes

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Fits all adults and children. Sold in boxes of 10

 Dale Nasal Dressing Holder 

Replaces adhesive tape presently used to hold nasal dressings in place. Totally adjustable, it can be custom fitted by moving the Ear Loops along the surface of the Dressing Holder to achieve the desired length between nose and ear. Following nasal surgery, it eliminates skin irritation, simplifies dressing changes, improves patient comfort and saves nursing time.


  • Eliminates irritation and excoriation of sensitive facial skin

  • Simplifies dressing changes

  • Saves nursing time

  • Improves patient comfort

  • One size fits all patients

  • May be gas sterilized

  • For single patient use

  • Latex-Free

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Supports nasal dressings, fits all. Sold in boxes of 10

 Dale A-Line Bendable ArmBoard   

Stabilizes and secures arterial lines in the operating room, recovery room, and patient care units. The product can also be used as a traditional ArmBoard for peripheral IV lines.

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Fits most adults. Sold in boxes of 10


Fits Pediatric/Geriatric. Sold in boxes of 10




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