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The King LT Oropharyngeal Airway

The Universal PedF2

The Universal PedF2 is the Only Single Limb Circuit Developed Specifically for Children. What sets the Universal PedF2 apart from all other circuits:

Ø The PedF2 was designed with a swivel connector at the patient end. Of course, this will reduce the torque at the tracheal tube site.  

Ø The PedF2 was built specifically for the smallest patients weighing between 3kg and 20kg.

Ø The safety and efficacy of the Universal F2 family of products has been demonstrated by our millions of satisfied patients.

The Universal F2

The Universal F2 is the Market Leader and the only 2nd Generation Single Limb Circuit Available.

What sets the Universal F2 apart from all other circuits:

Ø The Universal F2 is clinically proven to deliver the highest levels of heat and humidity. Therefore, you will not incur the additional expense of an HME when using the Universal F2!

Ø The Universal F2 filter has been independently tested to offer the highest degree of filtration protection.

Ø The Universal F2 can eliminate the cost of patient transport from the Operating Room to recovery .

The Universal F

Universal F Circuit ... The #1 Selling Single-Limb Circle Circuit In The World!

Ø Since its original introduction in 1992, the Universal F Circuit has enjoyed a decade of being the first and best selling Circle Circuit in the world.

Ø In the last decade, over 10 million Universal F family circuits have been sold around the world.  

Non-Rebreathing Circuits


King Systems’ lines of non-Rebreathing circuits offer the widest variety of designs and options. Therefore, you will have solutions to meet your non-Rebreathing circuit problems. Furthermore, by utilizing both Standard and Ultra-Flex Tubing, King Systems is able to produce truly customized non-Rebreathing systems King Systems’ Mapleson lines of non-Rebreathing circuits offer the widest variety of designs and options. Therefore, you will have solutions to meet your non-Rebreathing circuit problems.

Customized Options Include:

ØTubing – flexible and Ultra-Flexible

ØValves – adjustable, tail, and standard

ØElbows – Norman, Washington T, ports

ØMasks – inflatable, scented, value

ØBreathing Bags – textured grip, various sizes, latex free


King Systems’ Most Favored “Original" Mask

Ø Designed to meet the comfort and safety needs of the patient and practitioner. Another reason why King Systems’ inflatable masks redefines the mask market.

Ø Both the standard “teardrop” and “round” shaped inflatable cushions are clinically proven to seal on the patient’s face with little downward pressure. The seal is complete from the bridge of the nose, around the cheeks and over the chin.

Ø The transparency of the mask allows for continuous visual identification of a patient’s vital signs during a case, as well as easing a patients discomfort before surgery.

Product Description

Product Number

Case Quantity

Large Adult – Size 6

1062 1065

20 50

Medium Adult – Size 5

1052 1055

20 50

Small Adult/Child – Size 4

1042 1045

20 50

Toddler – Size 3

1032 1035

20 50

Infant – Size 2

1022 1025

20 50

Neonate – Size 1

1012 1015

20 50

Variety Pack – sizes 1,2,3,4, (5 of each size)



Sample Pack – All Sizes  (5 of each size)




KAB CO2 Absorber

The King Systems KAB CO2 Absorber a contamination-free system that protects both the equipment and the patient from potentially infectious situations. Designed for maximum removal of CO2 by utilizing it's own valves and fresh absorbent. The KAB CO2 absorber offers unique advantages over the reusable jumbo absorbents found on most anesthesia machines, while lasting up to four hours

Product Description

Product Number

Case Quantity

KAB CO2 Absorber (Single Use)



KAB CO2 Absorber (Single Use)



KAB CO2 Absorber (Re’sposable)



24” Fresh Gas Extension (15mm)



Inspiratory Port Adapter



Clamp Adapter



I.V. Pole Mount



I.V. Pole Mount



Multi-Port (Univ) Adapter



Gas Scavenging Adapter (Reusable)



Gas Scavenging Adap (Single use)





The Ulti-Mist HME product line has the right product for any patient, ranging from pediatric to adult and from intubated patients to patients with tracheotomies. These products offer superior humidification for both anesthesia and critical care applications. The Ulti-Mist HME and HME/Filters provide maximum protection for patients and staff members. This entire product line of Ulti-Mist HMEs and filters offer practitioners the highest quality product with economic efficiency in mind.

        HME Booster

HME Booster Components

Item Number

Ulti –Mist® HME

MS - 120 or MS – 121

Line Set

MSB - 603


MSB - 604

Flex –Tube


Heating Element with Restrictor

MSB - 600

Sterile Water (500 ml) 5 per case

MSB - 605

Line Set w/T-Piece and Sterile Water (500 ml) 10 per case

MSB - 601

Line Set w/ T-Piece

MSB - 602

Suction Adapter

MSB - 606

Operation: Kid Stuff

Rainbow Breathing Bags Latex Free


Ø Designed to ease the tension and stress a pediatric patient may experience before surgery. These brightly colored breathing bags and sweet scented face masks are designed to let the patient feel in control and involved in the surgery.

Ø Breathing bags are available in red, yellow, blue, pink and purple. Face masks are available in scents, strawberry, cherry and bubble gum.
















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