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Vela Ventilator 

Proof Positive that great things do come in small packages

Impressive technology in small packages

Pediatric through Adult Ventilator, a host of impressive features, all neatly packaged in a compact mobile ventilator

Uncompromising Performance

  • Patented turbine technology for optimized times and impressive flow and pressure capabilities provide you with the power to support your most challenging patients
  • Improved patient-ventilator synchrony and low work of breathing are possible through highly responsive inspiratory flow support
  • Vela’s reliable, robust platform, including proven turbine performance means reduced downtime and low operating costs
  • A patented exhalation valve, driven by a linear-actuated voice coil, Bicore ® sensor technology and proven algorithms provide consistently accurate volume delivery. Precise monitoring is essential for clinical effectiveness and patient safety
  • Vela’s two-hour internal battery and turbine technology provide independence from compressors and wall air for the ultimate in mobility and uninterrupted ventilatory support
  • Vela provides you with the flexibility and safety that you demand. Impressive standard features include a high pressure oxygen inlet with blender, a low pressure oxygen inlet with accumulator, integrated FiO2 monitoring and continuous display of delivered FiO2 with high and low alarm settings

 Intuitive User Interface 

  • Ease of use promotes clinical effectiveness and patient safety
  • A 10.4-inch active matrix full color touch screen gives consistent, rapid access to physiologic data and current ventilator status
  • Screen displays are organized for easy and logical access. Clinicians see the essential controls for the selected mode. Inactive controls are not displayed until needed


  • Vela provides the information you need, when you need it. Standard features include a parallel printer port, VGA output, a nurse call port for remote alarm capability and data output port for graphic and information systems
  • Flexibility and a Sound Investment for the Future
  • Vela offers a full range of ventilator choices, the performance to support your challenging patients and the flexibility to add valuable options to suit the needs of your changing practice today and into the future

Vela. Proof positive that great things to come in small packages

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